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A new book has just been published and copies are available to order.

This new book is a biography titled 'Blindness and the Power of Inner Vision' which features Advocate RW Bowen who was known to his friends and colleagues as 'Mike'. 

The story begins in the muddy, killing fields of Flanders in 1917.  Mike Bowen and the soldiers in his platoon were about to ‘go over the top’ and attack a German machine-gun post in the darkness of an early September morning in 1917. 

The Battle of Passchendaele was about to begin. High explosive shells were screeching overhead as both sides in the battle were preparing for the ‘Order to Attack’. 

Suddenly, the air around Mike was buffeted by a huge explosion and the ground shook and trembled as force of the shockwaves radiated outwards. An explosive shell had detonated close to the platoon as the soldiers crouched in the mud...................... continue reading here.


For images of the book cover click here.

Order on-line or by post.  For details click here.