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Blindness and the Power of Inner Vision

A new biography written by Dr Hilary Marlow has just been published.

The book is 'Blindness and the Power of Inner Vision' which describes the life and work of Advocate RW Bowen, known as 'Mike' to his friends and colleagues.  He survived the First World War but was seriously wounded and lost his sight. Medical skills saved his life and repaired his facial wounds but could not restore his sight.  Undeterred by this setback which would have crushed many men, he studied law at Cambridge which set him on an illustrious career as an advocate and member of the South African parliament where he became known for his outspoken opposition to racial discrimination.  His talents were more widely employed in his philanthropic work on behalf of blind people and establishing the first school in South Africa for mixed-race and black children for whom no educational facilities had previously existed.

The book has been published by Footprint Press in South Africa with a print run in the United Kingdom to make it accessible to readers in the UK.  

Details of the book and how to order your copy are given in the section 'Publications' to which you are directed.