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Meetings and minutes

Next Meeting

For the date of the next  Parish Council Meeting  and the agenda (if available), go to the agenda page.

For the  minutes of previous meetings  of the  Parish Council, go to the link at the bottom of this page.

Parish Council Meetings are held from time to time, throughout the year, subject to the availablility of a quorum of Councillors.  These meetings are open to members of the public, who are invited to attend.  Notice of planned meetings is published on the Parish Council notice board at the centre of the village, and on this website, together with the agenda for fothcoming meetings, and minutes of previous meetings.

Also, once a year, there is an  Annual Parish Meeting and  an  Annual Parish Council Meeting -- see below:

Annual Parish Meeting. Every Parish must hold an annual meeting between 1st March and 1st June. Other Parish meetings can be called, but there must be an Annual meeting. The meeting is called by the Parish Council (but it is not a meeting of the Parish Council). Any Councillor who attends is there as a parishioner. The meeting is Chaired by the Chairman of the PC if present. The meeting sets its own agenda, and is the opportunity for any parishioner to speak on any matter concerning the village. The meeting places no obligation on the Parish Council, but of course the comments made are the views of the village, and should be taken into account.  

 Annual Parish Council Meeting. This meeting must be held during May. It is the annual working meeting of the Parish Council to elect new chairman and vice-chairman, and this is the only specified essential actions of that meeting. The more usual format is to include any regulatory amendments and financial and audit reports if available. Other agenda items of interest may be added to ensure the meeting is of relevance to parishioners.    

Meetings of the Pettaugh Parish Council are open to the public -- everyone is welcome.


Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of meetings are available online soon after being approved by the council.

To view minutes, select "Minutes for ... " for the appropriate year, on the left of this page, and then select the meeting date from the list.


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