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The Village Sign indicates some aspects of Pettaugh's history:

  • The Windmill -- long since gone -- was a Post Mill, and was situated behind the Village Shop
  • The Doomsday Book -- which included a description of Pettaugh and was completed for William the Conqueror in 1086
  • The Anvil -- indicating the existence of a blacksmith in the village
  • The Farmer, with his horse-drawn plough, working the farmland  around Pettaugh, and reflecting the dominant occupation of the people of Pettaugh for hundreds of years

What do we know about the history of Pettaugh
, besides these brief, visual reminders?  

For starters, here's a potted, chronological  history:
  • 1st or 2nd Century -- a Roman Road costructed through what is now Pettaugh, perhaps part of a road from Colchester in Essex to Burgh Castle in Norfolk?
  • 11th Century -- Pettaugh included in the Doomsday Book, completed for William the Conqueror in 1086
  • 14th Century -- St Catherine's Church built
  • 20th Century:
    • The road through the village was tarred for the first time.  
    • The telephone arrived in the village.  
    • Electricity arrived in the village.
    • Mains water arrived.  
    • 1995  Erection of the Village sign --  see picture above
    • 2000   Millennium Booklet -- it had a picture of every house in the village and its occupants (if willing) -- a copy of the booklet was given to every household and a commemorative mug was given to every child.   The photographs were all taken by David Mitchell, and publication of the booklet was sponsored by the Pettaugh Parish Council
  • 21st Century:  2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee -- the Parish Council organised a celebration at Laffitts Hall on the special Bank Holiday, 4th June 2002. A marquee was hired and erected in the grounds and the event was designed to be an exact replica of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, which was held in the grounds of Laffitts Hall!   Following patient tuition by Alan Page, a group demonstrated Country Dancing and there were children's games and a children's entertainer.   People were invited to bring a picnic and Alan Page baked a large celebration fruit cake, and there was a toast of port to mark the occasion.   Perhaps someone has a copy of the group photos taken on both occasions?!

As you can see, our 'potted history' is incomplete and very brief!   If you can fill in any of the missing dates, or add other events, please contact us!   And of course, if you have any photos of Pettaugh in 'times gone by' we'd be delighted to add them to the website!  

This page will be developed and much more added -- watch this space!  

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